Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amerasians I've met- Charlene

Born 1990

Trying to fit in and overcome

I met a young girl - a black Amerasian - who told me that some of the

most indelible memories she had were of those times when others jeered

her, teased her, and ridiculed her for the color of her skin.

She told me of painful memories when others called her names - and

these labels, hurled without any thought by callous people, lodged

deep in her heart. It was so bad that she would sometimes break down

in tears.

That is, until found it within herself to be strong. Some of us has a

way of finding aplace inside our own minds to shield ourselves from

the harshness of others. It would take her some time, she said, but as

she grew up she also developed the necessary toughness one needs to

survive experiences like hers.

Today, even as she still feels the stares, the sting of jokes at her

expense, or the laughter aimed at her - she has deliberately exerted

effort to fight back - but on her own terms.

She will not be the butt of jokes - not anymore. Instead, she will

face whatever they throw at her and shine - no matter what.

And she does this everyday - trying to be normal, when everything

about her screams of her inherent difference - if only in appearance -

from those around her, can still be a difficult challenge. But it is

one that she is only happy to face head on.

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